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Writing 150: Human Values and Belief Systems

Brainstorming keywords for searching

Research Question:

How and why should this value guide our thinking 

when looking for ways to ameliorate your chosen social problem?


Examples of search terms, and how to use quotes and AND

 "social problem" and amelioration and values


Brainstorming: related terms & synonyms & antonyms

"social challenges"; "social difficulty"; "social issues";  "political trouble";  obstacle, decline

improvement, betterment, development, rectify, breakthrough, promise

principle, "moral principle"; ethics, ethos; "code of ethics"

narrow terms, specific terms

"climate change,";  "political turmoil,";  partisanship, "broken prison systems,"; "wealth inequality,";  "violent extremism,";  "water crises," war, militarism, imperialism, 

"equal opportunity,"; equity, "income equity," "common good", justice, "environmental justice," peace, self-determination, "human rights," community, "critical thinking," creativity, agency, writing, truth, wisdom, knowledge, "indigenous knowledge," liberation, liberty, education, "public education, democracy