PR 522: Storytelling with Data Intelligence: Resources

Communication Research Databases

Here are a few databases to begin your research:

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Business Librarians have created a Research Guide for Corporate Social Responsibility. There is a wealth of information for your topics.


search tips

Once you have identified your topic, check to see if it is too specific, if it is, work toward a general focus. This will help you  generate a list of keywords, or concepts related to your topic


travel, tourism, e-commerce, "mobile devices", smartphones, United States,vacations, digital travel, etc....

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect your phrases/keywords

to locate both smartphones AND travel

to locate either word U.S. OR United States

to locate (the first word) vacation NOT trip

 * truncation symbol

travel*  travels, travelers, traveling, traveled

Case Studies

Here are a few databases to locate Case Studies:




case studies