2020 Election: Events

This guide provides resources and information related to United States elections in 2020.

Election R&D Dialogues

Election R&D Dialogues will focus on the critical moments and factors driving the 2020 campaign, the successes and setbacks in the race as they happen, and the maneuvers and blunders likely to shape the outcome. From USC Center for Political Future
List of upcoming online events below. Times are in Pacific. RSVP on event page. 

9/30, 12pm - Biden/Trump Presidential Debate Analysis

10/8, 12pm - Vice Presidential Debate, Mike Pence vs. Kamala Harris

10/16, 12pm - Second Biden vs. Trump Debate

10/23, 12pm - Third Biden vs. Trump Debate

10/29, 12pm - Election Day Preview

11/5, 12pm - The Post-Election Episode

11/13, 10am - 4pm - The Making of the President 2020: What Happened and What's Next?


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Online Events