2020 Election: Home

This guide provides resources and information related to United States elections in 2020.


The USC Libraries are committed to providing access to reliable information. This guide is intended to complement other resources from USC and beyond, to help the USC community get informed about elections, voting, civic engagement, and election-related news and topics. This guide is non-partisan, and does not endorse any candidate, party, or legislation.

Track Your Ballot (California)

All registered voters in California are being mailed ballots in 2020. You can check the status of your ballot here: https://california.ballottrax.net/voter/.

Voter ID Assistance


October 19: Deadline to register to vote in California (more information) - or same day conditional voter registration information here

November 3, 8:00PM: Deadline to drop off ballot in California (more information)

October 5: Deadline to register to vote in Texas (more information)

October 5:  Deadline to register to vote in Arizona  (more information)

October 9: Deadline to register to vote in New York (more information)

October 13: Deadline to register to vote in Oregon (more information)

October 18: Deadline to register to vote in Illinois (more information)

October 26: Deadline to register to vote in Washington (more information)


(states that send the most students to USC listed)


ballot box with the words "VoteSC""As a nonpartisan student organization, VoteSC seeks to make voting more accessible to students by removing barriers and increasing the information available on voting, elections and civic engagement as well as to promote a campus culture of voter awareness, education, registration and turnout. Our mission is to increase voter turnout and campus civic engagement."


VoteSC's page contains FAQs about voting and registration, particularly for USC students.


For questions about this guide, please contact Elizabeth Galoozis, Melissa Miller, Eimmy Solis or Melanee Vicedo.