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Narrative Studies: American Studies, Race and Ethnicity

This guide is for students in the Narrative Studies Capstone Seminar ENGL 492

American Studies, Race and Ethnicity

Ethnic NewsWatch includes two collections: 1) Ethnic NewsWatch, a current collection (1990-present) of newspapers, magazines and journals from ethnic and minority presses. The publications offer both national and regional coverage. 2) Ethnic NewsWatch: A History(1959-1989), which includes over 30 full-text newspapers, magazines and journals, focusing on African American, Hispanic American, and Native American presses from 1959-1989.

The Black Studies Center provides access to several resources at once: Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, International Index to Black Periodicals (IIBP), 10 historical African American newspapers, Black Literature Index and 100 oral history videos in History Makers.

America: History & Life with Full Text is the definitive index to articles and other literature (books, dissertations, book reviews, etc.) covering the history and culture of the U.S. and Canada, from the 15th century to the present. Indexes nearly 1,800 journals from 1860s to present, including all key journals in the discipline, state and local history publications, and selected articles from scholarly journals in the social sciences and humanities.


For more resources see the following online guides at USC Libraries: