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Narrative Studies: Research process: keywords and more

This guide is for students in the Narrative Studies Capstone Seminar ENGL 492

Search terms, search phrases

Building your research strategy: search terms and keywords. Examples and Tips: 

Brainstorm synonyms, related terms, broader terms and narrower terms

Be bold! Trial and error work! Your search terms should evolve.


film AND poetry AND experimental 

(Your results will include all three terms in the text because using AND leads to a Venn diagram effect.)

movies AND poems

film AND poetic

Quotes in searching serve as glue that holds words next to each other in your results.

"Barry Jenkins" and Moonlight and imagery

"Black Panther" and "Ryan Coogler" and "poetic imagination"





Picking Your Topic Is Research

Please watch this video from NCSU Libraries prior to your library session. As you watch the video think about your own potential topic ideas, and then answer the questions below.