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Distance Learning: Using Document Delivery (IDD)

This guide provides resources and helpful tips to support students in Distance Learning programs or online courses.

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Whether it's an article from a journal, a book, or a chapter of a book, our InterLibrary Loan and Document Delivery (IDD) service will get you the item you need. (Note: If your program is through the Health Sciences, Dental School or Law program, you will use their interlibrary loan - See New User Registration). InterLibrary Loan provides free services to distance (and local) learners with registration:

  • E-mail delivery of articles and books not owned by USC (InterLibrary Loan)
  • E-mail delivery of journal articles and book chapters from the library's print collections (Document Delivery)
  • Home delivery of USC Libraries-owned books (Sorry, shipping to international addresses not available at this time.)

NOTE: If you have trouble accessing IDD on Chrome, try a different browser.
For information about policies and fines, or to contact IDD staff: Read more details about IDD.

Steps to Using IDD

Access the Interlibrary Loan System

Access Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery (IDD) from a direct link, from the USC Libraries Locations and Services drop-down menu or the link from the USC Libraries homepage
 Locations and Services: Interlibrary LoanLibrary Services: Interlibrary Loan
Now click on the IDD link
Interlibrary Loan and Document Services - IDD

This first time you visit IDD, you will be taken to the New User Registration screen.

One you are registered, you will come immediately to the Main Menu.


Ordering an Item

  1. From the IDD Menu, click on the link describing your item you want to order (e.g., book, thesis, book chapter, journal article, etc.)
  2. Fill in the form with as much information as you have; include ISSN for journal articles and ISBN for books when known
  3. Click Submit Request
  4. Your item will appear in the Main Menu under Outstanding Requests

When our IDD staff has processed the request, you will receive an email indicating the process is complete. 


Reviewing your Order

At any time, you can check the status of your order. Click on the Transaction number (e,g, 769670) under Outstanding Requests to view your requested item. You may then:

  • Edit or Cancel your request or
  • If you are ordering two similar items (e.g., a second chapter from the same book are article from the same issue of the journal), Clone the request

Detailed Transaction Information

Interlibrary Loan Menu

Receiving Your Item

You will receive an email as soon as your item arrives, whether to be checked out or as a pdf. Check the status of an Outstanding Request by clicking on the number under Transaction (see Reviewing your Order)

Where there are no Outstanding Requests, your item has arrived (or you have received notification of a problem with your order).

Click the link under Request History to access articles you have ordered.

Click on View to access your article.

Completed Article Requests

New User Registration

The IDD System is for all faculty, staff and students other than those in the following programs.

Fill out the form

  • Include your USC ID number
  • Use the drop-down menu to indicate your Status.  Distance learners: Be sure to use Distance Student or Distance Faculty ; there are additional benefits available to you. 

Interlibrary Loan New User form


Once you have filled out the form, click Submit information.
You will then be taken to the Main Menu.