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CMGT 597a & b Communication Research Practicum 1: Databases

Topic Tips

When possible use the Advance Search feature

use " " to search for concepts or phrases

" training programs" AND "employee retention  and success

use truncation symbol *

Truncate a root word such as plan to get all forms of the word, i.e.  advert* will retrieve: advertising, advertisements, advertise, advertises

use synonyms related to your topic:  

Search Tips

Once you have identified your Speech topic generate a list of words, or Keywords that are related to your topic. 

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect your phrases/keywords

to locate both smartphones AND consumers

to locate either word apps OR applications

NOT will retrieve the first word, content NOT source

types of resources:

trade publications

case studies

government reports

scholarly articles



book chapters



Here are a few databases to begin your research: