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SWMS 410: Senior Seminar in Gender Studies: Resources

Search Tips

Once you have identified your artifact generate a list of words, or Keywords that are related to your topic.

Use AND, OR, NOT to connect your phrases/keywords

to locate both morality AND norms

to locate either word discourse OR commentary

NOT will retrieve the first word, debate NOT argument


Keywords and phrases for violence: violence, bullying, peer pressure

Keywords and phrases for schools: school, high school, middle school, primary education

Keywords and phrases for video games: electronic games, electronic toys, video games, games

Sample keyword searches for a database:

violence and schools and electronic games


Types of sources:

Peer Review Journals, Magazines, Books, Case Studies, Conference Proceedings, Newspapers



Search Strategies

  • Try combining multiple keywords using AND to narrow your searches. Example: LeGuin AND Gender
  • Use OR to broaden your searches and find like terms. Example "Science Fiction" AND (Queer OR Gay OR Homosexual)
  • Quotation marks typically find words as a phrase in many of our databases
  • For scholarly journal articles, look for the subject terms and keywords the article is indexed with to find other similar sources
  • Once you find one source you like, review citations to find other authors in conversation with your topic.