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Visualize LA: Home

Visualize LA is a hub for using Los Angeles based USC Library collections as data.


Visualize LA is an experimental hub for approaching USC Library collections as data. This research guide provides access, examples, and how to use selected USC Library collections as data.

Provisionally our approach to collections as data has been to focus on the metadata that USC Digital Libraries has created and thinking about how we can provide better access to these collections through that metadata and other tools or software. In addition, we emphasized exploring research questions that can be asked by working with the metadata. Lastly, we have tried to identify collections that can help to support research and inquiry into and about Los Angeles.

What is collections as data?

Collections as data is a recent movement in libraries aimed at providing access and support to library materials for computational research.

USC Libraries has been focused on looking at how we can provide more holistic access to our digital library and other archival collections so that they can be used as research data. The USC Digital Library features a remarkable set of collections that can support research on and about Los Angeles. This research guide highlights some of our efforts to provide access to metadata from our collections as well as materials and workshops for how to use it with tools and software.

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