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PBL: Joe's Stuffy Nose

This guide suggests keywords and resources to help students address learning needs related to the PBL case "Joe's Stuffy Nose".


Consider using these keywords as you search within textbooks or other library resources:

maxilla, symptom of fullness, nasal/sinus congestion, palpable enlargement, enlargement of maxilla, panoramic radiograph, CAT scan, diagnostic procedures, cold etiology, extraoral radiograph, nasal turbinate bones, nasal cavity, paranasal sinuses, maxillary sinus ostium, nasal/sinus mucosa, nasal cavity anatomy, maxilla anatomy

computerized tomography, incisional biopsy, Caldwell-Luc surgical approach, histopathologic diagnosis, hospital pathology service, surgical margin analysis, gross analysis, biopsy specimen, tissue calcification, dystrophic calcification, chondrosarcoma, referral, head and neck oncologic surgeon, spread of tumor, innervation deficit, excisional surgery, prosthetic dental obturator

aggressive surgery, wide-excision surgery, tumor specimen, bony hard tissue, frozen section, calcification, histopathology, decalcification, histological slides, margins of the tumor, follow-up treatment, oral physiology and function, TNM staging, chemotheraphy, chondrosarcoma, patient compliance, sentinel lymph nodes, regional lymph nodes, metastasis