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HIST 433 : The History of Drink


Welcome to the research guide for HIST 433: The History of Drink.

This guide will help students locate primary source resources for this course. 

Image of Postcard from Temperance Postcard Collection







Image: Postcard from Temperance Postcard Collection, USC Libraries, Special Collections

Primary Sources

In this section, you will find a number of helpful links relating to primary sources (both physical & digital) held at USC.

Research Guide about Primary Sources
This Research Guides provides you with a general overview of primary sources at USC and at other institutions and provides additional information on how to go about critically evaluating primary sources.

Special Collections website
This page provides information about the department of Special Collections at USC, our collections and collection strengths, plus contact information.

Archives at USC
This website allows you to browse and search all archival collections at USC.
The tutorial below helps you to navigate and search our archives efficiently.

Tutorial: How to search & request archival materials from Special Collections

USC Digital Library
Homepage of the USC Digital Library where you can search & browse all electronically available primary sources owned by USC Libraries.
The two tutorials below provide help about navigating the USC Digital Library.

U.S. History Primary Source Databases 

Image: Bottles from Zobelein Family Collection, USC Libraries, Special Collections