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Essential Resources for miRNA Functional Studies: Overview

Workshop Overview

Do you have questions on:

  • Where to get sequence/annotation of specific miRNAs?
  • How to determine differentially expressed miRNAs from high-throughput experiments?
  • How to find out the mRNA targets for specific miRNAs?
  • What are the functions of my interested miRNAs?
  • How to integrate miRNA expression with mRNA expression data?
  • What transcription factors might regulate the expression of specific miRNAs?

Essential Tools for Functional Analysis of miRNA Data workshop

Is designed as a two-hour workshop to specifically address the above questions and more.  In addition to survey an array of miRNA functional study databases and tools, the workshop provides side-by-side comparisons from methodology to usability of the most popular tools.  Through question-lead presentation and live demos, users will learn the variety of available bioinformatics tools that may facilitate your own research.

Major topics

Overview of miRNA function and biogenesis

Search and retrieve miRNA sequence and annotation

Identify computationally predicted and experimentally validated miRNA targets

Identify differentially expressed miRNAs from high-throughput profilings

Explore Gene Ontology/pathway/function changes potentially affected by differentially expressed miRNAs

Integrate miRNA and mRNA expression profiles

All-in-one pineline analysis tools

Identify transcription factors that potentially regulate the expression of miRNAs

Time and Location

The workshop will be offered twice at the following times: 

  • Jan. 18, 2011 (Tuesday), 1-3:30PM
  • Jan. 31, 2011 (Monday), 1-3:30PM


  • Norris Medical Library Computer Classroom (NML 2nd floor, Room 204)