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Course Materials

  • Lecture slides (PDF)
  • Hand-outs (PDF)
  • Hands-on practices (PDF)

Links to key resources

Gene Knowledge Search

  • Entrez Gene
    Your central information hub for gene knowledge search

    • HomoloGene
      Searching homologs in 20 eukaryotic genomes 
    • Ensembl Comparative Genomes
      Comrehensive searching of homologs using all genes and genomes in Ensembl
    • dbSNP

    • OMIM
      Comprehensive catalog of human genes and genetic diseases
    • HGMD
      Comprehensive catalog of disease causing mutations
    • GAD
      Archive of genetic association studies
    • UniProtKB
      Central information hub for protein knowledge Search
    • OBRC
      Find molecular databases & software tools

Next-generation Literature Search

  • Nextbio
    High-performance everyday literature search tool
  • Quertle
    Ask and answer specific questions

Genomic Data Search

  • Gene Expression Atlas
    Explore differential gene expression patterns across biological conditions
  • Nextbio
    Explore many types of genomic data

Subject Guide

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Meng Li
Norris Medical Library, Room 203
2003 Zonal Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90089-9130