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Using Generative AI in Research

This Research Guide provides information on the use of Generative AI in academic papers and research, and provides guidance on the ethical use of Generative AI in an academic setting.

Purpose of this Research Guide

This research guide is designed to help students, professors, and researchers understand and navigate the use of generative AI in an academic and research context. This guide is intended to serve as a starting point for understanding core concepts, opportunities, limitations, and ethical considerations regarding generative AI in academia and research.

It should be noted that this field and the implications of using generative AI in higher education and research is rapidly evolving. The USC Libraries strive to keep our research guides current and regularly updated, however, given the nature of this emerging technology and rapid pace of advancement, the information contained in this research guide may become outdated at times. The content of this guide does not represent official USC policy. When in doubt about how and when to use generative AI for assignments or publications, it is best to check with your professor or publisher for specific guidance and policies.