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GT Costume + Dress see more under Fashion


Costume from 1500-1789 GT596 Costume from 1900-present
GT605 Costume - United States GT1710 Men's Clothing
GT1720 Women's Clothing GT2073 Underwear
GT2130 Footwear or Shoes GT2345 Tattooing

N Visual Arts

N72.F45 Art + Feminism, Feminism in Art N72.S6 Art + Society
N72.T4 Art + Technology N5300 Art History (general)
N6512 20th Century American Art N6537 Artists A-Z (Modern + Contemporary)
N7430 Techniques + Styles (general) N7432.7 Color in Art
N7575 Portraits N7650 Nature in Art

NB Sculpture

NB60 History NB85 Classical Sculpture
NB198 20th Century Sculpture NB1170 Techniques

NC Drawing + Illustration

NC95 20th Century Drawing NC730 Techniques
NC760 Human Anatomy + Figure NC780 Zoological Illustration (animal anatomy)
NC825 Drawing by Subject A-Z NC960 Book Illustration
NC997 Graphic Arts NC1340 Caricature + Cartoon

ND Painting

ND1300 Portrait Painting ND1340 Landscape Painting
ND1390 Still Life Painting ND1500 Techniques

NE Print Media

NE508 American Printmaking NE962 Prints by Subject A-Z
NE1225 Wood Engraving NE1310 Japanese Prints
NE2237.5 Silk Screen + Serigraphy NE2425 Lithography

NK Decorative Arts

NK789 20th Century Decorative Arts NK1140 Arts + Crafts Movement
NK1980 20th Century Interior Design NK2270 Furniture
NK3930 20th Century Ceramics NK8806 Textiles

NX Arts in General

NX163 Arts as a Profession NX180 Arts in Relation to Other Subjects
NX456.5 Art Movements or Special Aspects NX456.5 P38 Performance Art
NX460.5 21st Century Art Movements NX650 Special Topics in Art

PN Literature

PN1933 Motion Pictures PN6700 Comics + Graphic Novels

TR Photography see more under Photography

TR647 Individual Photographers A-Z TR659 Architectural Photography
TR679 Fashion Photography TR820 Photojournalism

TT Handicrafts + Fashion Design see more under Fashion

TT180 Woodwork TT205 Metalwork
TT505 Fashion Designers TT509 Fashion Illustration
TT617 Menswear TT699 Textile Crafts

Z Book Design + Typography

Z116 Book Design + Printing Z246 Typography