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Data Reference Toolkit: 5. Analyze Data

Analyzing Data

Analyzing data requires knowing about various research methods, software like Excel and visualization tools.

SPSS Support

Importing, Frequencies and Crosstabs in SPSS

Click the "Files of Type" drop down menu to change file type and import Excel, .csv, .txt, .dat, or tab files. 

Crosstabs: Create basic-to-complex tables quickly.  Go to:  Analyze>Descriptive Statistics>Crosstabs to identify your rows and columns


Tutorials on using and analyzing with Excel, SPSS and visualization tools are available through USC’s subscription to (As of Oct 1, 2019, LinkedIn Learning).


Login here:


Click on "Get Started" and enter your USC email. If you do not see the USC logo on the upper right hand-side click on "Sign In" on the top right and enter your USC email and you will prompted to enter your USC password.


Then search for Excel and SPSS for relevant tutorials on how to get started and analyzing and visualizing your data.