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Popular Reading Collection at the Science and Engineering Library

Popular Reading Collection at the Science and Engineering Library


We are in an interesting place in the timeline of geriatric research. Because more people are living longer, there is an interest in expanding research into the conditions and diseases associated with an aging population, such as Alzheimer's disease. The Finch Science collection covers a broad and eclectic range in this research. The materials explore archeology, history, and anthropology, which shows us how old age was considered in the ancient past. It explores the biology of other mammals, insects, birds, and amphibians so we can compare how other species enter senescence (senescence is the term which refers to gradual deterioration of organisms over time). The collection also contains materials germane to environmental factors which impact how we age.

In short, Dr. Finch has created a macrocosm of research in the microcosm of this collection. We appreciate his generous donation of these materials which reflect his curiosity driven research. This exhibit seeks to illuminate Dr. Finch's career and contributions to his field, his place in the timeline of geriatric research, and to the University of Southern California and how the collection he so generously donated to us reflects those contributions.

The Caleb Finch Science Archive at the Science and Engineering Library

This eclectic collection of materials was collected and donated by Dr. Caleb Finch ( It covers many topics in the area of Natural Sciences and relates them to aging. Some of the topics are archaeology, anthropology, osteoarchaeology, history, geography, literature, human populations, urban poverty, evolution, obesity and famine, neuroscience, biochemistry, zoology, and ancient medicine.  The collection is housed in the Science and Engineering Library (SSL), on the third floor. Materials are loanable for 4 weeks.

Below are a sampling of the materials offered in this collection:


Relevant Databases

Other Materials Relevant to the Finch Collection