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JOUR 307: Reporting and Writing II: Los Angeles & California

Free Resources

The following resources are freely available resources for city or county agencies. Do you need information specific to your city related to housing or employment? You may consider of of these resources.

Downtown Los Angeles

Downtown Los Angeles has many neighborhoods and areas such as, Bunker Hill, Skid Row, the Financial District, Pershing Square, Olvera Street, Union Station and many more....

Los Angeles Civic Center looking towards City Hall, showing Bunker Hill at left, ca.1940-1949, Source: “University of Southern California. Libraries” and “California Historical Society”

Los Angeles

Healthy City provides data and mapping tools to help you build a better community.

Los Angeles County government agencies for local informaiton.  


South Pasadena

Is there a difference between South Pasadena and Pasadena? Use the South Pasadena link to learn more.

South Pasadena

Santa Monica, CA

Los Angeles

Also check state and national sources for Los Angeles-specific statistics.  For example, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics provides current umemployment and related estimates for the Los Angeles MSA.


Looking for employment information? Try the Bureau of Labor Statistics to locate the number of jobs, unemployment statistics, types of jobs in a city or state or other information.

Don't see what you need?   Try browsing the list of state ageniceis.