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Dental Residents CV & Personal Statement Writing: CVs - Getting Started

Dos and Don'ts for Creating Your CV

  • DO highlight your major accomplishments first. If you've received many scholarships and awards -highlight that before highlighting one volunteer experience.
  • DO make sure CV's are organized, clear and easy to read
  • DO make sure you include short descriptions of your experiences.  Those reading your CV may not know what 'Selective' means. 
  • DON'T include presentations and papers written during class or developed for coursework such as your tx planning presentations 
  • DON'T include work experience unless it is relevant to the dental field
  • DON'T put rotations at Queenscare, URM, Mobile Clinic under volunteer experience. Place them under Humanitarian or Community Outreach and in parentheses put (mandatory rotation).  

General Categories Included in CVs

Make sure to highlight your most prominent accomplishments FIRST. 
  • Education
  • Dental Experience, Externships, Professional Experiences, Relevant "Ortho, OMFS, Endo, Perio, Prosth, Pedo" Experience
  • Leadership Experience (or Activities)
  • Teaching Experience
  • Research Experience
  • Service Experience/Community Service/Humanitarian Work/Volunteer Work
  • Awards & Achievements
  • Professional Memberships
  • Publications (if applicable)
  • Work Experience (if applicable)
  • Can add other special skills - Languages for example

A note regarding services

At this time, Wilson Dental Library staff and librarians do not review or edit personal statements.