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Women in Architecture @ USC: Female Faculty in Architecture

This guide attempts to capture information about female graduates of USC's architecture between 1927 and 1975. It also lists names of early female faculty.

Pre-2010 appointments

Female faculty, USC School/Dept of Architecture (pre-2010). Dates and information based on architecture school publications preserved in University archives. The run of publications is incomplete with decades-worth of gaps.

  1. Bach, Margaret, guest lecturer, 1979-1980
  2. Bartelt, Kara, 2008-
  3. Rachel Berney, visiting assistant professor. From 2011 assistant professor on tenure track, left in 2015.
  4. Bing, Judith, M. Arch, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1983-1986. Assistant Adjunct Professor, 85-86. Assistant Professor, 1986-1988
  5. Birkby, Noel Phyllis, M. Arch, Lecturer, 1978-1980,. M. Arch. Published, taught also at the Woman’s building in LA. Various types of professional experience and consulting, including in NY and in Vietnam, had her own practice. Project designer for Davis, Brody & Associates, 1966-1972. Co-founder of Alliance of Women in Architectur, 1972, and of the Archive of Women in American Architecture, 1973.
  6. Bofill, Anna, guest lecturer, 1979-1980
  7. Brown, Catherine, BLA, MLA, “other faculty” (possibly a designation for lecturer) 1986-1988
  8. Campbell, Regula. Master of Arch, UCLA 1978. Lecturer (?) taught in the 2000s
  9. Choi, Rebecca. Lecturer, 2010s
  10. Chou, Mary. Lecturer, 2009-2010
  11. Chow, Mina. Lecturer, 2008-
  12. Coleman, Katharine H. (Kim), M. Arch, Assistant Professor, 1983-1985, 2000s. Full Professor. Her name was misspelled as Kathern Coleman in a 1984 brochure published by Architecture. She is listed as being Visiting Assistant Professor, working on renovation and enlargement of the faculty center on the USC campus, originally designed by A. Quincy Jones. This faculty center was demolished in the early 2010s to make way for the Dauterive building.
  13. Di Palma, Vittoria, PhD. Associate Professor, 2012-
  14. Didvar-Saadi, Sarah. Lecturer, 2000
  15. Dubnoff, Ena, B. Arch, Assistant Professor, 1983-1988, listed in a 1983 School of Architecture brochure. Dubnoff was the first woman appointed to a tenure track position at USC in Architecture. Her tenure contract was not renewed and she left USC before achieving tenure.
  16. Falletta, Liz, lecturer 2009-2010
  17. Forrest, Claire, RIBA, Assistant Professor of Architecture, 1975-1977. May have been the first woman appointed to a tenure track position at USC in Architecture, although this claim could not be verified. Forrest was killed in a car accident in 1976, before she got to teach at USC.
  18. Gimmy, Lisa. Lecturer 2001
  19. Ghirardo, Diane, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, 1985-; Professor. The first woman to get tenure in Architecture.
  20. Goldstein, Barbara, B. Arch, Lecturer, 1978-1980. Taught in various schools, including Great Britain. Assistant editor of RIBA Journal.
  21. Gomez-Rosensweig, Inez. Lecturer 1st and 5th year design, 1982, 1983, 1984. B Arch USC 1981. Designer @ Bobrow Thomas & Assoc.
  22. Graham, Sarah, 1992-1993
  23. Gray, Ann, 2008
  24. Groth, Arianne, Lecturer 2009-2010
  25. Ha, Mikyoung. Lecturer (?) 2000
  26. Henton, Ana, Lecturer 2009-2010
  27. Hirsch, Alison B., PhD. Assistant Professor, 2014-
  28. Hoeksema, Heather, Lecturer 2009-2010
  29. Katz, Edith. Lecturer (?) 2000. Santa Fe-based landscape architect.
  30. Kensek, Karen M. 1992-. In 2001 was hired as Assistant Professor on tenure track.
  31. Kimm, Alice, various teaching positions, such as visiting associate professor, adjunct associate professor, 1994-
  32. Kovner, Emily. 2000 Lecturer. Founded Architectrix.
  33. Laavin, Sylvia, Assistant Professor, 1990-1992
  34. Loe, Sara, lecturer. 2008
  35. Lowry, Rebecca, lecturer, 2008, 2009.
  36. Matchison, Lauren, Lecturer 2009-2010
  37. Mihich, Milica. Also Milica Dedijer-Mihich, graduated from USC Architecture in 1965. Lecturer, 1978-80. Registered to practice in California, taught at UCLA, as well. Worked with Victor Gruen Associates, worked on the restoration of Irving Gill’s Horatio West apartments.
  38. Murphy, Amy, 1990s, 2000- Associate Professor.
  39. Nastronero, Mary, M. Arch, Visiting Assistant Professor, 1983-1985
  40. Novales, Sondra, Lecturer 2009-2010
  41. Richmond, Deborah. Lecturer 2000
  42. Robbins, Deborah, AB, Lecturer, 1985-1988
  43. Sandmeier, Trudi, MA. Lecturer 2009-2010. Director of Historic Conservation graduate program, 2011-
  44. Satterthwaite, Jade. Alumnae of USC. Lecturer 2000. Died 2007.
  45. Shimizu, Janice, Lecturer 2009-2010
  46. Seierup, Susanna, Lecturer, 2003-
  47. Smith, Diana Lee. In 1971 she wrote to Konrad Wachsmann applying for a position through Crombie Taylor. At that time she was teaching in the department of architecture at the University of Nairobi. in Nairobi she taught design incorporating ergonomics, physical science, social sciences, and communication. She also used Wachsmann's analysis for design that was outlined in his The Turning Point of Building. Does not appear to have been offered a position at USC.
  48. Stein, Achva Benzinberg, March 1992, tenure track?
  49. Sung, Doris, MA. Adjunct assistant professor from before 2009. Assistant Professor
  50. Sussman, Deborah, visiting critic in basic design, 1963-1971; visiting critic in design fundamentals, 1971-1973
  51. Swett, Anne. Lecturer, 2001
  52. Taalman, Linda, Lecturer 2009-2010
  53. Viniegra, Soonja, 1st year design. Principal in Viniegra & Viniegra
  54. Wall, Phoebe, M. Arch, Lecturer, 1983-1984
  55. Zacky-Popoch, Denise, Lecturer 2009-2010