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California Megadrought: Home

A guide to resources about the past, present, and future of water in California and the West

Jawbone Siphon

Megadrought title photo of the Jawbone Pipeline

The State of the Drought

Information on water usage, climate, weather, and other topics related to the current state of drought conditions in California.

Drought maps covering 2002 to the present at the North American Drought Monitor.

The Climate Prediction Center at the National Weather Service.

Maps and other visualizations at the New California Water Atlas.

Interactive maps, current conditions, and information on regional droughts at the National Integrated Drought Information Center.

Drought special on public television station KCET, including an interview with California Governor Jerry Brown.

How We Got Here

The story of the drought until now.

The history of water usage, water rights, and sustainability in the American West at the Western Waters project.

The 1979 California Water Atlas online and in a large-scale, print version.

The Ground Water Atlas of the United States at the United States Geological Survey.

Drought and the Arts

The drought in literary, performing, and cinematic arts.

"Water in the Movies" list by Peter H. Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute, at Huffington Post.

Documentaries on the science, politics, and conservation of water at The Water Project.

Roundup of climate fiction at Salon.

A Less-Water Future

Living with prolonged drought.

Analysis and commentary at Stanford's Water in the West project.

"Children of the Drought" article by Reyna Olaguez in Boom: A Journal of California. is the land itself that, at least visually, has borne the brunt of the drought. While water continues to flow for most of us, the land, as these photographs testify, is hurting.

"In California, a Wet Era May Be Ending" article by Henry Fountain at the New York Times.