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Health Statistics: LA Statistics

Statistical information relating to health and disease.

The Many Forms of Data

Data can often be collected in different ways. Sometime it's through a census. Or it can be health information collected in the medical setting. Or it can just be a sampling of a larger population. 

Before searching for your data, you may want to consider the format that you are looking for:

  • Secondary materials
  • Summaries
  • Reports with tables and charts
  • Full data sets

Based on what your need is, you may need different types of data. These sources will deal mostly with summaries, reports and a few opportunities to access full data sets. 

Finding a source of statistics is only half the battle! You may want to consider some questions regarding bias:  who collected the data? Are there any limitations to collecting this particular data? Remember, multiple sources can report on the same health issue but have different numbers. Consider your sources before citing!

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

1. Check out more resources on our Health Statistics guide

2. Take a moment to consider the following questions:

  • Who or what organization would be in a position to collect this data?
  • Who or what organization would be in a position to support the sampling or collection of this data?

3. You might also consider searching for journal articles that discuss your topic and follow their references for the statistics they use. 

Still having trouble? Then ask a librarian!


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