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Chem 300: Analytical Chemistry (Fall 2015): Literature Searching

Science and Engineering Article Databases

Read the box to the right first.

Literature Searching

Literature is the backbone of scientific research and innovation. Journal articles, conference proceedings, and other written forms of communication are how scientists share their research with other scientists.

Being able to search, refine, and interpret literature are extremely important skills not only for chemistry, but all other science and engineering disciplines. This short tutorial will cover: topic searching, citations, cited reference search, and citation maps.

In the vast, interdisciplinary world of science, fields overlap, research crosses boundaries, and sometimes it is hard to tell what discipline someone's work may be coming from. Because of that, we heavily rely on large, multidiscipline databases to search for literature in science and engineering. Web of Science, a product of Web of Knowledge, indexes tens of thousands of different journals, conference proceedings, and disciplines from physical sciences to social sciences.

Instructions on how to use Web of Science are located on your part 1 assignment. Click the link in the left box to continue.

Elements of a Citation

*If there is an issue number, it is usually found after the volume number, but before the page number(s).