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Collected works of individual writers (a selected list)

German Women Writers

Chris Weedon – Gender, Feminism & Fiction in Germany, 1840-1914 PT391.W44 2006

Brigid Haines, Margaret Littler – Contemporary Women’s Writing in German: Changing the Subject   PT405.H35 2004

Dagmar C. G. Lorenz – Contemporary Jewish Writing in Austria: An Anthology PT1109.J4C66 1999

Dagmar C. G. Lorenz  -- Keepers of the Motherland: German Texts by Jewish Women Writers  DS135.G33L59 1997

Chris Weedon – Post-War Women’s Writing in German: Feminist Critical Approaches  PT405.P625 1997

Marie-Luise Gattens – Women Writers and Fascism: Reconstructing History  DD256.5.G285 1995

Selected list of German literature

Aaron, Kramer – Songs and ballads: Goethe, Schiller, Heine, PS3521.R29ZZ55 (Special Collections)

Carol Jean Bander --The Reception of Exiled German Writers in the Nazi and Conservative German-language Press in California: 1933-1950, Ph.D. G’73 B214

Thomas Richard Hinton – Literature in Upheaval: West German Writers And the Challenge of the 1960s  PT401.T5

Helmut F. Planner –Exile in New York: German and Austrian Writers After 1933  PT4868.5N7P3 1983

David Pike – German Writers in Soviet Exile, 1933-1945 PT405.P46

Wolfgang Elfe – Contemporary German Fiction Writers (First series) PS221.D5 V.69

Wolfgang Elfe – Contemporary German Fiction Writers (Second series) PS221.D5 V.75

Martin Kane – Socialism and the Literary Imagination: Essays on East-German writers PT3705.S66 1991

Wolfgang Elfe – The Fortunes of German Writers in America: Studies in Literary Reception PT123.U6F65 1992

Rhys W. Williams – German Writers and the Cold War 1945-61 PT3706.G47 1992

Lothar Kahn – Between Two Worlds: a Cultural History of German-Jewish Writers PT169.K34 1993

Joan Montgomery Byles – War, Women, and Poetry, 1914-1945: British and German Writers and Activists PR605.W65B95 1995

Arthur Williams – Contemporary German Writers, their Aesthetics and their Language PT405.C69 1996

Xenia Harwell Srebrianski – Images of the female adolescent in exile in select works of Russian and German women writers PN56.5A35H37 1997a

Alexander Stephan – “Communazis: FBI surveillance of German emigre writers PT405.S741713 2000

Peter C. Merrill – German-American urban culture: writers and theaters in early Milwaukee PT3918M559M47 2000

Paul Cooke – German writers and the politics of culture: dealing with the Stasi PT3707.G47 2003

Bertolt Brecht – Betotlt Brecht: poetry and prose PT2903.R397A2 2003

Simon Richter – The literature of Wiemar Classicism PT311.L58 2005

Martin Mauthner – German writers in French exile, 1933-1940 PT405.M3844 2007

Jay W. Baird – Hitler’s war poets: literature and politics in the Third Reich PT553.B35 2008

Larson Powell – The technological unconscious in German modernist literature: nature in Rilke, Benn, Brecht, and Doblin PT553.P65 2008

Katy Heady – Literature and censorship in Restoration Germany: repression and rhetoric PT345.H39 2009

Jocelyn Holland – German romanticism and science: the procreative poetics of Goethe, Novalis, and Ritter PT2213.H65 2009

Selected list of German authors

Heinrich Böll
The mad dog: stories  PT2603.O394M573 1997
The silent angel  PT2603.O394E413 1994

Max Frisch
The arsonists PT2611.R814B5123 2007
Novels, plays, essays PT1101.G47 V.90

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Faust: a tragedy  PT2026.F2A84 1984
Early verse drama and prose plays  PT2026.A5 1988
The sorrows of young Werther PT2027.W3P55 2004

Günter Grass
The tin drum  PT2613.R338B5513 2009
My century  PT2613.R338M4513 1999

Heinrich Heine
Lyric poems and ballads PT2316.A4F4 1961
Poetry and prose PT1101.G47 V.32

Hermann Hesse
Crisis: pages from a diary: poems PT2617.E85K713 1975 (Grand Depository)

Stefan Heym
A visit to Soviet science Q175.H428 (Grand Depository)
The Crusaders 
PS3515.E957 C787 (Special Collections)

Thomas Mann
Death in Venice  PT2625.A44T62 2004
Letters of Heinrich and Thomas Mann, 1900-1949 PT2625.A44Z485 1998

Erich Maria Remarque
Arc de Triomphe  PT2635.E68A7 1998
Three Comrades  PT2635.E68T45
All Quiet on the Western Front PT2635.E68I625 1930

Rainer Maria Rilke
The Book of Hours: Prayers to a Lowly God PT2635.I65S72513 2001
Letters to a Young Poet  PT2635.I65Z53713 2001
Uncollected Poems PT2635.I65A267 1996

Friedrich Schiller
Five plays (The Robbers, Passion and Politics, Don Carlos, Mary Stuart, Joan of Arc) PT2473.A13M24 1998
Schiller’s Literary Prose Works (New translations and critical essays)  PT2473.A5H54 2008

Anna Seghers
The Seventh Cross  PT2635.A27S513 1987

Stefan Zweig
Roman Rolland: the Man and His Work  PT2635.O5Z97 1972  (Grand Depository)
Fantastic Night and Other Stories  PT2653.W42A2 2004
Chess Story PT2653.W42S3513 2005

Franz Werfel
Poems  830 W488 TP (Grand Depository)
The Forty Days of Musa Dagh  PT2647.E77V525 2002