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Find Companies

Here are some ways to find public (and some private) companies by industry:

Mergent Online

  • On Advanced Search tab, choose US and/or International Active company databases
  • Go to Industry Codes tab to choose Industry
    • Mergent Online uses NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) and SIC (Standard Industrial Classification) in its industry search. Other databases allow you to use natural language or common terms. See this website for an overview of how NAICS is arranged:
  • Under 'Any NAIC/Use NAIC Lookup', choose your industry from the drill-down menu and click to populate the search field with its NAICS code. For example, if we are looking for streaming media companies, it would look like this:
  • Click Submit to obtain the number of hits, then View to see the list of companies
  • You can sort by country of incorporation (for example, United States), click on each company for detailed information (including executives), or export the list using the Excel download icon at upper right.


Capital IQ

  • Under Screening tab/Quick Screener, screen for companies using the drop-down menu in the Industry field, or use the Browse All Industries link to see a more detailed selection.  For example, CapIQ's classification for streaming media looks like this:
  • Continue your search using the remaining filters (Geography, Company Type (public or private) and then click View Results. Cap IQ will also have detailed reports on each company.

Finding Negative News on a Company

Conducting due diligence on a company may require finding any negative mention of them in the news.  One way is to use the news search database Factiva.

  • In the search field enter co= and start typing the company name.  The ticker should pop up (if a public company)
  • under Factiva Expert Search tab click on News Sentiment/Negative News/and the language of your choice
  • click Search in lower right