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Find Executives

There are a number of ways to research executives and their contact information at specific companies:

  • Capital IQ
    Search for the company and once in the record, go to People/Professionals in the left column


  • Mergent Online
    go to Executives tab and search by company name, or search by company and within the company report, click on Executives tab.  Mergent also includes executive compensation.


  • Nexis Uni
    Click on the Business tile, then under Company Dossier choose Find an Executive and search by first/last name for their profile.


  • Orbis
    Search for the company and in its record, look on the left for Directors, Managers and Advisors.


  • Bloomberg (terminals located in the Business Library in JFF)
    Within a company's record, the MGMT function shows the company's management team and lists ages, position and how long the executive has been with the company.


  • Investor Relations page
    Most public companies will list executives on their Investor Relations page.  Google the company name and 'investor relations'.