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Music: Scores

Library Resources in the Field of Music

Finding Scores

Search Primo, the USC Libraries' catalog, for printed music at USC.  All scores are located in the Music Library.

Search WorldCat for scores in other libraries.

Request books, articles, scores and sound recordings from other libraries through Interlibrary Loan.  Create a username and password the first time you use this service.

Searching Tips

Scores can be difficult to find because composers use generic titles like "symphony" or "concerto", which are the names of the forms used to structure the music. Often, composers write multiple pieces of music with the same form, so we find Symphony No. 1, Symphony No. 2, etc.

To help in your search, librarians catalog this music with preferred titles, which bring together all editions and arrangements of the same piece under one name.

For example, the preferred title for an arrangement of Mozart's 13th symphony for guitar quartet is: Symphonies, K.112, F major; arr.

To find a piece in Primo with a generic title, enter the composer's name as the author, the form of the piece as the title (use the plural), and "scores" or "scores and parts" as the subject. Finally, enter any additional information - like catalog number or instrument(s) for which the piece is arranged - as a word or phrase.

To learn more about uniform titles, visit the Preferred Title guide at Indiana University.

Collected Works

The Scores Reference section of the Music Library is where you find collected works of composers as well as monumental sets and series. Since many of these collections have numerous volumes, you will not be able to find the individual pieces contained within them by searching Primo.

Scores Databases

Useful Websites

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