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United States Federal Government Documentation: Branches, Departments, Agencies

Access to information and documentation of the branches of the United States Government with links to international document guides

Branches of the United States Government

Depending upon your objective, several ways to access federal government information could be helpful: Ben's Guide to U. S. Government is a basic (for kids), but helpful resource if you are just beginning to explore the complexities of the federal government. GPO Access is a good place to search for news and current events regarding federal government information, particularly with the A-Z resource list. 

Executive Branch

The Executive branch is accessed through the White House website, which features information on the Presidential Transition, US Economy, National Security, Environment, and other relevant issues; and links to Press Briefings and Executive Orders.

Judicial Branch

The Judicial branch includes the United States Supreme Court and all US federal courts.

Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch consists of Congress (the Senate and House of Representatives) and agencies that support Congress.