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DVDs in Leavey Library - Finding & Using

This is a guide to finding, reserving, and viewing DVDs and videos held in the Leavey Library.

Audiovisual Collection Development Policy

General Purpose of the Collection

The Leavey Library Audiovisual Collection (LLAC) supports graduate/ undergraduate study, faculty instruction, and basic faculty research across all curricula. As a major exception, however, the Collection generally will not acquire material for those curricula areas that have their own individual subject libraries, which maintain—in turn--their own individual audiovisual collections (e.g., the Music Library, the Art and Architecture Library.)


Presently the Collection consists of approximately 12000 DVDs. Only Region 1 DVDs are added to the collection. Presently Blu-Ray DVDs are not being actively acquired but this may change.

Selection Criteria

The highest priority will be placed on collecting documentary films. Feature films will be added to the LLAC on a selective basis, with the emphasis definitely on acquiring those films recognized as ones of a higher quality. Particularly desirable will be the purchase of the finer foreign and independent films. Generally both feature films of a lesser quality and television series compilations will be excluded from purchase except in those cases of a faculty member asking that specific titles be acquired for the purposes of classroom reserve.


Generally no more than one copy will be acquired for any one film. An additional copy may be purchased if needed for reserve and the size of the class in question is a large one. On an extremely selective basis an added copy may also be acquired for certain feature films proving to be heavy in demand.