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This guide provides students with resources required for the successful completion of the WRIT150 Research Clinics offered by USC Libraries

Develop a Strategic Search Plan

Developing Keywords tutorial: This interactive tutorial covers the concepts of keywords, using keywords to broaden and narrow a search, and using them to discover different perspectives.

Crafting a Good Research Question tutorial: This interactive tutorial allows students to choose one of six research topics to explore the process from thinking of a broad topic to crafting a specific research question, including drawing on one's own existing knowledge, and using reference sources.

Customize Google Scholar for USC Libraries video: This short video describes how to locate USC Libraries-owned materials through the Google Scholar interface.

Search with Boolean Operators: This short video shows you how to search the libraries' catalog more efficiently using Boolean Operators.

Video Series: The Research Process

The Research Process: Instructional Design Video Series

The purpose of this video suite is to introduce learners to central conceptual and critical thinking elements of the research process that are often tacitly assumed to be part of students’ background knowledge but not always explicitly taught. The series attempts to take a learner-centered approach, by addressing live questions students face during the research process, and aims to provide direct interventions on these skills. The videos, wherever possible, are informed by research on the writing process, evidence-based learning theory, and instructional design practices in order to make this tacit knowledge explicit for learners and instructors. The videos are designed to be used either directly by students or by classroom instructors.

Watch the videos

Research Help Tutorials

We created a dedicated Research Guide with tutorials that will be helpful to you in navigating the libraries and the research process.