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WRIT 340: Advanced Writing for Arts and Humanities: Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources

Evaluating Sources


Who is the intended audience?  Is this a scholarly professional publication?   Or popular literature, intended for the general public? Or a source that was never published, and is just "out there”


Is the information still considered valid? Or is it dated?


Is this a primary source, such as a report from a research study by the authors?

 Is it a secondary source which compiles, analyzes or evaluates a primary source? commentary on another source?  Is it simply opinion?


What is the author's goal of the article / book / website?


What qualifications does the author have? Why does this author have credibility? Is the author trustworthy?


Prepared by Catherine Gray, University Library Center Librarian, ISU-Idaho Falls used with permission

Addtional Resources

If you need additional resources checkout the Research Guide for other subjects.

Also check out the Browse by Subject page for a complete list of databases related to specific subjects. For example, if you are interested in laws and legislation related to Immigration Policies check the LibGuide for Government Information

Research Help

For Reference services & research help: