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PBL: Bob Lewin

This guide provides links to relevant resources and suggestions for search strategies for the PBL case "Bob Lewin".


Keywords you might consider using:

lacerations, head and neck trauma, head and neck exam, facial pain, inflammation signs/symptoms, immune response, cold/warm compresses, anti-inflammatory drugs, tonsillectomy/tonsillitis, lip anatomy, incisor anatomy, lip histology, cell death, necrosis, apoptosis, blood clotting factor(s), wound healing, sutures

erythematous, abnormal wound healing, exudate, ulcer histology, lesion characteristics, head and neck muscle anatomy, lymph node anatomy, lymph function, febrile definition, anti-microbial medication(s), staphylococcal organisms on the skin, antibiotic prescription indications, antibiotic medication(s), dental prescribing rules

Keywords you might consider using: cicatrix pathophysiology, keloid scar/scars/scarring, scar formation pathophysiology, collagen and scar formation, genetic regulation of wound healing, ethnic predisposition to wound healing, genetics of healing, vitamin biochemistry, keloid histology, keloid treatment