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PBL: Gene Dahlite

This guide suggests keywords and resources to help students address learning needs related to the PBL case "Gene Dahlite."


Consider using these keywords as you search within textbooks or other library resources:

pediatrics, physical examination, medical history, vital signs, transverse fracture, rib fracture, bruising, callus formation, primary tooth eruption, discolored teeth, enamel, calcium, vitamin, fluoride, dental trauma, developmental delay, language development, child abuse, reporting abuse

pediatrics, vital signs, HEENT examination, sclera appearance, dark pupils, eye exam, patent external canal, tympanic membrane, ear exam, chest exam, thorax, ribs, bowing, radiographs, laboratory studies, dental examination, referral to dental services, deciduous teeth, teeth eruption, yellow teeth, transparent teeth, loose teeth, teeth development, teeth fracture

bone age, bone fracture healing, bone resorption, healing calluses, rib fracture, leg fracture, osteoporosis, bowing of leg, generalized bone disease, hyperelasticity of skin, hyperextensibility of joints, audiogram, conductive hearing loss, effect of hearing loss on development, delayed speech development, collagen disorder, genetic counseling, serum calcium, phosphate, alkaline phosphatase, PTH