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DVDs in Leavey Library - Finding & Using: Getting DVDs for Class (Course Reserves)

This is a guide to finding, reserving, and viewing DVDs and videos held in the Leavey Library. The collection is an interdisciplinary one that supports class instruction and may be used for research and academic events.

Reserves Questions

Danny Pacheco


Placing DVDs on Course Reserve

  • Professors/instructors wanting to show films in their class must fill out the library's online reserve form through ARES.
  • Once all the required information is filled out detailing the film that is desired to be purchased select "Please consider this item for purchase".  The Library will endeavor to purchase all films needed for a course. 
  • Please keep in mind that it may take at least three weeks for a film or films to become available in Leavey for check-out.  Because of this professors/instructors are strongly urged to submit their requests as far ahead as possible before the  actual time they wish to show a given film in their classrooms.



Viewing DVDs on Reserve

  • Students may view reserved DVDs and VCRs in the Audiovisual Room

  • left of the Circulation Desk, first floor
  • 18 combination VHS/DVD viewing stations with 20 inch monitors
  • 1 multi-standard VCR and one multi-standard DVD player to accommodate the small number of PAL and SECAM videocassettes and Region 2-5 DVDs in our collection
  • Headphones are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk (4 HOUR loan)
  • Use of the VHS/DVD collection and the Audio-Visual Room is granted exclusively for course-related purposes to current students and faculty. Duplication of VHS and DVD items is not permitted.