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Burnett C. Turner archives: Description

A small collection of architectural works by Burnett C. Turner, a Los Angeles-based architect.

Brief Description of the Collection

This collection is available for viewing in the Helen Topping Architecture and Fine Arts Library at the University of Southern California, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. We do not provide reproduction services and do not have scanning facilities for our archival collections. The collections must be viewed on site. To make an appointment, call (213) 740-1956. You can bring a laptop or a small digital camera.

Burnett Coburn Turner, 1902-1997; Burnett C. Turner and Associates

·      Born in Los Angeles.

·      Educated at Princeton, 1926, received a BS in Architecture from MIT, 1928.

·      Began practicing in Los Angeles in 1946.

·      Worked as architect and site planner for the City of Los Angeles, 1946-1947; as a consultant and associate at Wurdeman and Becket, 1947-1949, as partner for Ain, Johnson & Day, 1950-1951


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