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Perpetual Access (PA): How Do I Find PA Information in Alma?

This guide provides information on what Perpetual Access is, and how it is being utilized at USC Libraries for Collection Management.

By Electronic Collection

  1. Search for the electronic collection in Alma.
  2. If the name of the collection is known, change the Search features to Electronic collection and Electronic Collection Name.
  3. Click on Edit Collection for the applicable collection.
  4. Click on the General tab.
  5. In Summary and Inventory Information section, look for the Access type.
  6. Access Type will state one of three statements:
  7. Current: None of the titles within the collection have perpetual access.
  8. Perpetual: All of the titles within the collection have perpetual access.
  9. Current and perpetual: At least one or more of the titles in the collection have perpetual access.

By Electronic Title

  1. Search for the electronic portfolio in Alma.
    • "Portfolio" is the term Alma uses for electronic titles.
  2. Search by the electronic collection and click on the Portfolio List to locate the portfolio.
  3. Click on Edit Portfolio.
  4. On General tab, Access Type will state one of three statements:
    • Current.
    • Perpetual.
    • Current and perpetual.
  5. If the Access Type is Current:
    • There is NO perpetual access.
  6. If the Access Type is Perpetual.
    • There is perpetual access.
  7. If the Access Type is Current and perpetual.
    • Some volumes and/or issues have perpetual access
  8. To view Perpetual Access date ranges, Click on the Coverage tab, and scroll down to Perpetual Date Information.
  9. If applicable, scroll down to Perpetual Embargo/Rolling Year section with information in relation to the embargo dates. This may be identical to Local Embargo/Rolling Year.