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Bioinformatics Software: Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA)

Main Applications

Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA) is a web-based functional analysis tool for quickly identifying causal variants from human sequencing data.

Identify and prioritize variants from whole-genome, exome and targeted sequencing data

  • Direct upload of VCF files
  • Annotate and interactively filter variants
  • Link variants to biology using the human curated Ingenuity Knowledge Base
  • Identify variants in genes that interact with those genes known to be associated with Causal Network Analytics (provided by IPA)

Why use IVA?

  • Up-to-date high quality knowledgebase manually curated by PhD scientists
  • Intuitive, use-friendly interface
  • Interactive filter cascade (wide selection of basic and advanced filters)
  • Analyze thousands of samples simultaneously

Access IVA @ USC

USC has licensed IVA for the use of USC faculty, students and staff.  The license allows an unlimited number of concurrent users BUT the maximum number of active samples is 1000 at any given moment for the ENTIRE USC.  Each USC users are allowed to upload up to 20 samples per fiscal year for free.  Additional charge will incur when the 20-free sample quota is exceeded.  Please contact us for details.

To Apply for your IVA Account:

  1. Carefully read the IVA user policy
  2. Complete and submit the IVA registration form
  3. Qiagen will send out an account activation link within 2 business days upon receiving your registration request
  4. Activate your account following the instruction.

Need help?

Get started

Help @ Ingenuity Systems

Help @ USC Libraries Bioinformatics Service