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Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility: Ethical/Sustainable Investing

Includes resources in the area of ethical or socially responsible investing.

One Definition

Ethical Investing: The practice by participants in the capital market of attempting to influence company behaviour by investing only in companies that observe certain standards of behaviour. The goal — apart from that of satisfying the consciences of the investors concerned — is typically to increase the cost of capital of firms whose ethical standards are low, and in doing so to make it harder for such firms to grow. Some proponents of ethical investing argue it represents a sensible investment strategy, as unethical firms invariably find their bad practices rebound on their long-term success.

Source: The New Penguin Business Dictionary (2003). Retrieved from https://www.credoreference

Selected Public Web Sites on Ethical or Socially Responsible Investing (SRI)

Selected Books and eBooks

Public Data Resources

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes:  This public website provides some data as well as an Annual Review, monthly Factsheets and a Library of additional resources.  

MSCI one of the world's leading research firms in the area of ethical / socially responsible investing.  They have some information freely available at their website, but USC does not subscribe to their databases.

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Click this link to find all USC Library books with the subject: "Investments: Moral and ethical aspects"