Intersectionality in Social Work: Media and Popular Sources

This guide highlights popular and scholarly resources that cover the intersection of identities and its impact on social work practice and education.

Media and Popular Resources

These popular resources highlight issues affecting people across race, gender, culture and other social identities in relation to oppression and discrimination in society. 


Race Forward 

Intersectionality in the Women's March and the Classroom 

Blog post by Mackenzie Abernathy on Brown University's "Choices in the Classroom" blog

Recommended Reading

Todd Honma. (2005) Trippin’ Over the Color Line: The Invisibility of Race in Library and Information Studies. Interactions: UCLA Journal of Education and Information Studies. V1 N2.
NPR Radio Lab.  “Race doesn’t exist.  Or does it?”


A Black Queer Filmmaker Seeks Intersectional Acceptance in 'black enuf*

Carrie Hawks' autobiographical documentary mixes animation with family interviews and dry humor to explore their lifelong journey to qualify their Blackness and LGBTQ identity with White and Black peers alike.

"Gender should be the least remarkable thing about someone, but transgender people are still too often misunderstood. To help those who are scared to ask questions or nervous about saying the wrong thing, Jackson Bird shares a few ways to think about trans issues. And in this funny, frank talk, he clears up a few misconceptions about pronouns, transitioning, bathrooms and more"-

TED Resident Jackson Bird is using digital storytelling to demystify the transgender experience.