Social Justice in Social Work: Approaches in Social Work Practice and Education

This research guide provides recommended scholarly and popular resources that address social justice in social work practice and education. It not only covers issues that affect social workers and their clients, but serves as a resource for current and fu

Intersectional Approach to Social Work

How can intersecting identities impact social work practice? 

Social work emphasizes the need for capturing the complexity that exists among the interrelatedness of social systems. The intersectional perspective acknowledges the breadth of human experiences, rather than conceptualizing social relations and identities separately in terms of race, class, gender or sexuality (from Incorporating Intersectionality in Social Work Practice, Research, Policy, and Education by Yvette Murphy, Valerie Hunt, Anna M. Zajicek, Adele N. Norris, Leah Hamilton, 2009). 


Recommended Syllabi