RefWorks (Legacy): Import: HOMER (old RefWorks)

This guide has information on how to use RefWorks legacy (older version).

Importing data from text files (example using HOMER)

Note: Be sure that you have turned off the pop-up blocker in your web browser before starting.


  1. click the Mark for Print/Email buttons by all the records you want to export
  2. click the Print/Email Marked records button
  3. in the dialog box, mark the choices you want to export, then click the View/Print button
    (Note: you must have the pop-up blocker turned off)

    HOMER Print/email

  4. in the new window, click on File: Save As a text file (.txt) and save the file where you can easily find it (i.e. Desktop).

In Refworks:

  1. click Import from the References menu
  2. for Import Filter/Data Source, choose SIRSI Library Software
  3. for Database, choose University of Southern California (HOMER)
  4. browse to your file to import it