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COMM 209: Communication and Media Economics: Assignment

Economic and political economic principles for the analysis of communication and media industries including broadcasting, newspapers, motion pictures, music, video games, advertising and public relations


Research on media companies. Who are the key leaders in the field? Is the company, local national or international? What impact does the company have on consumers and users? 
You will explore corporate, financial and social aspects related to your company.
List of Eligible Companies
1. Netflix
2. Quibi
3. Awesomeness
4. Whistle (formerly Whistle Sports)
5. Brat Media
6. HBO
7. Blumhouse Productions
8. Tencent Holdings, LTD. (i.e., Gaming & Media divisions)
9. Discord
10. Uninterrupted
11. Spotify
12. Paramount Pictures
13. Live Nation Entertainment
15. Scopely
16. Apple Music
17. TikTok (Bytedance)
18. SiriusXM
19. NPR
20. Warner Media
21. Pixar Animation Studios
22. Niantic
23. Roku
24. Discovery Communications
25. Snap, Inc.
26. Alibaba (i.e., media & entertainment divisions)

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