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Revealing Hidden Figures: Meet The Women Who Put Man into Space

This guide was created in conjunction with the Science and Engineering Library's Black History Month/Women in STEM display that is currently on view for the public.

Revealing "Hidden Figures"

(Photo courtesy of The Tartan)

In honor of Black History Month and International Women's Day 2017, the Seaver Science and Engineering Library, has created a display illuminating the three women who have become the focus of the bestselling book by Margot Shetterly, (find it in our library here) and the Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning film, these important African-American women finally are being recognized for the incredible work they contributed to space exploration and mathematics over their varied careers. The display for Revealing Hidden Figures: Meet the Women Who Put Man on the Moon, while showcasing Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson and their contributions to not only John Glenn's successful Friendship 7 launch into orbit, but also other contributions they made throughout their lengthy careers.

(Photo courtesy of NASA)

The display also includes the women of NASA today and the influence and legacy of these three important historical figures who are only now becoming part of the historical narrative. 

The Exhibit

Please be sure to come by and look at our exhibit while you can.

For those who may have missed it, it is documented below:

(Images and content courtesy of NASA)