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China in Documentary Film (Leavey Library): New Additions To the Collection

New Additions to the Collection

The Coming War on China
"The United States and China may well be on the road to war-and with a noose of US bases now encircling the world's newest superpower, nuclear war is not only imaginable but a nightmarish prospect. The Coming War on China is both a warning and an inspiring story of people's resistance to war and the occupation of their countries."

Fengming: A Chinese Memoir
"Often cited as one of the great documentary achievements, Wang Bing dazzling tour-de-force. A gripping monologue recounting five decades in the life of a once-ardent socialist in the new China is a testament to the power of oral history and the strength of one extraordinary woman. Never before available."

Hong Kong Trilogy
"Focuses on Hong Kong's residents in their childhood, youth, and old age. The questions raised by the Umbrella Movement — questions about how we can live together and what a society should be — permeate all three sections of this collaboratively made triptych."