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China in Documentary Film (Leavey Library): Minorities


The Last Refuge: The Story of Jewish Refugees in Shanghai
"As Hitlers plan to eradicate the Jewish People was becoming abundantly clear, millions of European Jews were desperately seeking refuge in any country that would accept them. Under pressure from Nazi Germany, most countries closed their doors to them, except for Shanghai, China, a city that most European Jews had never heard of. Shanghai became the only place in the world that required no entry visas or permits. Thus, from 1938 to 1942, about 18,000 Jews successfully escaped to Shanghai. However, at the time when these Jewish refugees arrived in Shanghai, most of the city was occupied by the Japanese. In such an unfamiliar city, along with their Chinese neighbors, the Jewish refugees went through the most extraordinary experience in their lives: the hardship of wartime Shanghai; surviving the Japanese ghetto; and the moment of liberation. Some lost their lives, but most of the refugees survived the war in that city whereas their families and friends, who were not able to find their ways to escape, lost their lives in the Nazi concentration camps."

Made in China
"Follows the filmmaker on an international journey to uncover his white American father's remarkable childhood in pre-Mao China. As he searches to understand his father he discovers what 'home' really means."

Queer China, Comrade China 
"Interviews with over 30 prominent figures in China's LGBT community who have experienced changes in attitudes and lifestyles in China over the past 30 years. The main focuses and themes of the documentary: Academic publication: from translation to sociological research and to grassroots scholarly works; Sexology: from the 'asexual era, ' to 'liberated sex,'  to the 'one-child era'; Laws and regulations: moving from illegal to legal statuses, and towards appealing for further freedoms; Gender politics: from 'unnameble,' to 'invisible,' to 'coming out' ; Economy: from unified supply to 'Pink Economy'; Mental health: from the 'pervert' to depathologization; Culture and media: from absence of attention to becoming a hot topic; Literature and art: from the underground to the press and to the podcasts; Community life: from hidden from light to facing the public."