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China in Documentary Film (Leavey Library): Cities & Towns

Cities & Towns

Beijing Taxi
"Presents Beijing from the perspective of three cab drivers as the city prepares for the 2008 Olympics."

Shanghai Tales
"Portrays modern China through the lives of the people living in one of its busiest and most iconic cities. Episode 1 - the lives of a class of school children during their final year before graduating to high school. An insightful look into the Chinese education system that generates a powerful and compelling narrative formed from the dynamics of the classroom. Episode 2 - a portrait of the life of Lui Wei, close friend of the director and a man who epitomises his vision of Shanghai, its peoples, and life in the bustling metropolises of urban China. Episode 3 - Jun and Long are academics in post-modern China. When Jun discover she is pregnant, unintentionally, the world is turned upside down for the young couple."

Xian shi shi guo qu de wei lai = Disorder
"The film combines more than twenty street scenes into a collage, revealing absurd facets of life in a fast-paced urban city."

Xiang chou = Nostalgia
"Da Zhongli, a neighborhood in Shanghai's Jing'an District, was well known for its stone gates (Shi ku men), an architectural style of houses built in the 1930s. After hearing the news that the community will be demolished and replaced by skyscrapers, the director, who grew up in Da zhongli, uses his camera to document the old way of life in this neighborhood before it starts slowly to fade away. Also includes some staged reenactments of life in the community."