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China in Documentary Film (Leavey Library): Poitics & Government

Politics & Government

China In Turmoil
"Demonstrations and riots are erupting with greater frequency throughout China. Ordinary citizens are becoming increasingly outraged by the gap between rich and poor and the corruption of local officials. Will China be able to continue stable economic growth? This program paints the portrait of a nation searching for answers in the midst of turmoil."

China Inside Out
"After 300 years of relative isolation, China is reaching out to the rest of the world looking for resources, food, friends, and safe places to invest its new fortune. Follow this still-unexplored story of the stunning global transformation taking place."

China: The Corrupt Republic
"They say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. In China, where local Communist officials are omnipotent and everything from moving house to having a second child requires a permit, corruption has reached unprecedented levels. Billions of dollars have been embezzled and getting anything done usually involves paying a bribe. Realizing that public anger at corruption was threatening Communist Party legitimacy, President Xi Jingping launched a wave of investigations when he came to power in 2012. 'Economic crimes' still carry the death penalty and in the past two years, over 300,000 officials have been punished - including 'Red Prince' and Politburo member, Bo Xilai. But is this enough to save the system?"

Chinese Propaganda: Lesson in the Forbidden Territory
"An authoritarian People's Republic or real dictatorship? This documentary reveals the real face of China and get inside the propaganda machine. For the 1st time, a French director-journalist joined an official trip to the heart of one of the most secret and unstable regions in China: Xinjiang, an area that's normally out of bounds to tourists. Thanks to reliable contacts amongst the organisers of this "Chinese tour" and the help of diasporas based in Europe and Central Asia, and thanks also to accounts given here for the 1st time by Turkish-speaking Muslims and footage of the most recent revolts, this film draws a parallel between a slick, consensual tour and the distress of an entire race."

The Coming War on China
"The United States and China may well be on the road to war-and with a noose of US bases now encircling the world's newest superpower, nuclear war is not only imaginable but a nightmarish prospect. The Coming War on China is both a warning and an inspiring story of people's resistance to war and the occupation of their countries."

Dead Souls = Si ling hun
"In Gansu Province, northwest China, lie the remains of countless prisoners abandoned in the Gobi Desert sixty years ago. Disignated as "ultra-rightists" in the Communist Party's Anti- Rightist Campaign of 1957, they starved to death in the Jiabiangou and Mingshui re-education camps. The film invites us to meet the survivors of the camps to find out firsthand who these persons were, the hardships they were forced to endure and what became their destiny.:

Dong Yue: The Transition Period
"The arty secretary at Gushi County Henan, Guo Yongchang is leaving for another position. The film documents his final working days as the head of a county government before he leaves."

No Sex, No Violence, No News: The Battle to Control China's Airwaves
"Examines the battle to control China's television airwaves. Working with a government that allows nothing of social or political import to be broadcast, entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Australia bring their full complement of consumerism and mindless entertainment to the millions of Chinese greedy for a glimpse of the outside world."

Please Vote for Me
"Two males and a female vie for office. They indulge in low blows, character assassination and gestures of goodwill, all while gauging their standing with voters. The setting is a third-grade class at an elementary school in the city of Wuhan in central China. Chronicles a public school's first open elections."

The Warriors of Qiugang
"Villagers in a remote district of central China take on a chemical company that is poisoning their water and air. For five years they fight to transform their environment and as they do, they find themselves transformed as well."