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Films About Film in the Leavey Library (DVDs): Studios


100 Years of Hollywood
"A biography of Carl Laemmle, a German immigrant who created Universal Studios with the business model of 'cheap movies for everyone'. Archival excerpts and historical insights shed new light on Dracula (1931), Phantom of the Opera (1925), All Quiet on the Western Front (1930), and other film classics."

Babelsberg from East to West
"Temple of expressionist German cinema, mythical spot haunted by the ghosts of Fritz Lang and Marlene Dietrich, at the forefront of new filming techniques, the Babelsberg studios had a promising future. But the Nazi regime caused talented directors to flee the country. After the war came 40 years of communist regime where the directors of the DEFA company tried to give socialism a human face. 20 years after the fall of the wall, this film town is now transformed into a media site servicing big international film and TV productions."

The Boys: The Sherman Brothers' Story
"Documentary on the lives of Robert B. Sherman and Richard M. Sherman, the Academy Award-winning songwriting team that defined family musical entertainment with songs such as "A Spoonful of Sugar", from Mary Poppins, and "I Wan'na Be Like You", from The Jungle Book. Explores the deep and longstanding rift that has kept the brothers personally estranged throughout much of their professional partnership. Includes interviews with Dick Van Dyke, Angela Lansbury, Roy Disney, and others."

The Brothers Warner
"Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack, the Warner brothers, turned a storefront into a dream factory. Filmmaker (and Harry's granddaughter) Cass Warner Sperling tells a story of sibling rivalry, social conscience, and the silver screen. It's a story told from the inside by those who lived it and from the outside by film historians."

A Day in Pixar
"Film short about the Pixar movie animation company and the people who have created its award-winning films."

Dream on Silly Dreamer
"Tells the story of the Walt Disney Company's feature animation department through interviews with many of the artists who were told in 2002 that the company no longer wanted their services. Includes more than 2 hours of extra material."

Flesh and Blood: The Hammer Heritage of Horror
"The history of Hammer Films and their legacy, narrated by the studio's most beloved stars, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee."

MGM, When the Lion Roars: The Story of a Hollywood Empire
"On April 24, 1924 the movies changed forever. The studio opened and soon assembled the most stars. MGM reigns as Hollywood's class act and legendary entertainment empire. Full of memorable film clips, rare interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and insider information, this is a mother lode for film fans. Profiles perfectionist moguls, glamorous and charismatic actors, innovative filmmakers and landmark movies. Experience the dramatic and romantic fire, singing and dancing magic, and sweeping epic adventure of Hollywood's greatest studio

Waking Sleeping Beauty
"By the mid-1980s, the fabled animation studios of Walt Disney had fallen on hard times. The artists were polarized between newcomers hungry to innovate and old timers not yet ready to relinquish control. The following is no fairy tale. It's the true story of how Disney regained its magic with a staggering output of hits such as The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, The Lion King, and others. Includes featurettes, deleted scenes, photos, and much more."