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Films About Film in the Leavey Library (DVDs): Screenwriting


Talk Fast
"What if an aspiring screenwriter could get just two minutes of face time with a major Hollywood exec to make a pitch? Welcome to Pitchmart. In this reality-based program, five people with five big ideas express their passions and frustrations as they spend a week with Ken Rotcop to polish their presentations, and then two precious minutes with the decision-makers who could transform their scripts into box office bonanzas. Rotcop, Pitchmart's founder, is an award-winning screenwriter and author of the bestselling The Perfect Pitch. An honest and insightful scrutiny of parlaying a script into a movie deal."

Why Did You Change the Horse to a Nun: Adaptations
"Successful adaptors (who have also worked variously as novelists, playwrights, film producers & directors) discuss their experiences adapting works into plays, screen and television movies. Includes audience questions."